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Download Kof Unlimited Match Mugen an excellent pc game

Download Kof Unlimited Match an excellent pc game

Download Kof Unlimited Match. It has been 8 years since ‘Street Fighter IV’ began a second and glorious youth for the 2D fighting genre. Just when it seemed that it was something from another time and the 3D franchises like ‘Tekken’ or ‘Soul Calibur’ would be the that they will command in the times to come.

As we have seen, it finally did not, and IPs like ‘Mortal Kombat’ and others less known to the general public, such as ‘Guilty Gear’. Took advantage of the current to launch some fantastic installments. Unfortunately, another also classic. ‘The King of Fighters’, could not get on the bandwagon and saw his image deteriorate with ‘The King of Fighters XII’, a mediocre video game whose blur could not eliminate the more than correct thirteenth installment.

Plain and simple an exclusive game

Kof Unlimited Match’is not a game for rookies, or at least for those who are and are not willing to spend many hours in Training. As I said before, mastering a character is not an easy task, and neither the Tutorial nor the Tests will be enough, and we will realize when we observe that to start there are already. Up to three types of jump according to their height and length, as well as movements of evasion and recovery.

Download Kof Unlimited Match

These are not overly complex, but they do add a bit of depth and strategy to a tremendously demanding combat system. Having two buttons for punching and another two for kicking, loose and strong, may lead to think that dominating. The fight will be easy, but nothing is further from the truth, since if we add one aspect and another, the combat is very complete and complex.

In addition to all this we have the classic grabs and a powerful attack combining strong punch and kick that throws the opponent. To the end of the stage to continue the combo. This is an effective resource, but also very slow and risky, a bit in the style of the Focus from ‘Street Fighter 4’.

In conclusion Without neglecting the solo player, they have in turn been able to create a tremendously demanding combat system with which half measures are not worth: a more sweeping aerial kick is not enough, and from time to time do a special. Mastering evasions, the Max bar, the most complex combos … require hours of training, as well as a certain callus with the stick. Many characters, more than enough game modes.

Download Kof Unlimited Match

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    Its total weight is 4 gb
    Get a better experience by connecting your headphones
    You can run it on any computer with Windows 7 onwards
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