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download mugen android apk the game most complete for moviles

download mugen android apk the game most complete for móviles

download mugen android apk.A game that is worth gold to have it installed on our android, facing powerful villains from various anime titles. A contribution that will fascinate you. MUGEN games are very difficult to find, especially when they are very popular and fun to play within them with hundreds of characters.

The one at the top of all is the famous and popular New Jump Super Stars. Containing more than 300 characters unlocked with very varied techniques and powers from different anime titles and games. Also the game mechanics are very easy to learn, but incredibly varied for a game of this type to be quite easy to learn.

Mugen the most downloaded games on android

MUGEN, is a platform where we can include many characters from different games in an unlimited or infinite way. That’s where the appeal and popularity of the platform comes in, because you don’t see a game of this quality very often. Where we can enjoy fun battles with superheroes from our favorite anime saga. Or at the same time as characters that we may never have seen in our lives.

The interesting and attractive thing about a mugen game is that you will have characters at your disposal. That means we have a super large list to choose from. Among them the most famous Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Samuray X. That is a small list of the best known superheroes, and there is still more that you only have to discover when being in the game.

The gameplay is simple, we have a virtual left jostick, which will help us move the character. Such as jumping, running, walking, etc. On the right side are the attack buttons to launch the powers at the enemy. Among them there is also a small button, to ask for help from a secondary character.

Isn’t it a very interesting game? Well, do not wait any longer and download it here in this contribution that I bring you with great eagerness and enthusiasm, always providing you with quality content. It would be good if the best way to thank is for you to subscribe to the forum to be aware when I publish new contributions for all of you, THANK YOU.

you can see how the game is installed in this video

download mugen android apk

Game Information
A game made by fanmade
Its total weight is 1.7 gb
Get a better experience by connecting your headphones
You can run it on Android 4.0 onwards
Option to play it on mobile, medium or high range
Game version is 2.5
download game here
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